Want to Bring Added Value to Your Clients and Rise Above the Competition?

It Takes a Team to Play

Everyone loves getting extra value out of a service. So much so that businesses that offer their clients value-add services have a significant advantage over competitors. You’re a business owner – you know how important a competitive advantage is. So how can you offer your clients a value-add service? Forming a partnership is the best choice.

At Two Small Men, we choose to form partnerships with a variety of different companies in order to bring our clients, and theirs, more value and better service. But, you might be asking, what kinds of companies can benefit from a partnership with a moving company?

The answer is a lot of them. If your business has anything to do with moving and/or houses or offices, you can pretty much assume partnering with a moving company will be a good idea.


Home Builders

When people buy a home, they need to move into it. Sounds simple (it is) but that’s why homebuilders make excellent partners for moving companies.

 Plus, did you know there’s a way you can offer your clients a move that comes at no up-front cost? It’s true! By building the cost of the move into a mortgage payment, you can ensure the move costs your clients nothing at all up front and next to nothing on a monthly basis.  

Restoration Companies

There are a few reasons why restoration companies should partner with a moving company. One is that we are able to customize insurance coverage to suit your needs and the needs of your clients. The other is that you can take advantage of our vast experience with moving and storage. We’re ready and equipped to move (and put into storage) almost anything.

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It’s pretty obvious why realtors and moving companies make good partners. We have the same goal: to move people into a new house.

When you choose to partner with a moving company, you can refer us to your clients by name, and even provide them with a discounted service. This not only leads to increased trust, it can actually help gain you clients because you are offering something other realtors aren’t.

Delivery Companies

Who better to trust with your deliveries than the people who move things for a living? It doesn’t matter what you need to deliver – retail goods, office furniture, home décor, or anything else – if you partner with a moving company, you know your deliveries are in good hands.

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TSM Manager Services

Building Managers and Operators

As a building manager, you probably see a lot of people moving in and out of your buildings with movers. The issue is you don’t know if you can trust these random movers not to damage your building. When you partner with a certain moving company (pick us, pick us!) you get an on-demand service provider you know you can trust. Plus, your tenants will surely appreciate not having to go through the hassle of choosing their own company.

Storage Companies

Many people who are moving need to put their items into storage. When a storage company partners with a moving company, everyone wins! As the owner of a storage company you can benefit from the many clients and referrals that a moving company will bring you.  

Storage Companies
Visit MovingWaldo

Moving Waldo

MovingWaldo is a free online concierge service to organize your move! We invite you their discover our moving tools available to all.

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They bring together more than 700 organizations across Canada with a single and simplified platform.

Bonus: Non-Profit Organizations

At Two Small Men, we also love creating meaningful partnerships and relationships with non-profit organizations. We are dedicated to giving back to our communities by helping the people who run charitable organizations provide the best possible services to those in need. If you are (or you know) a non-profit that could benefit from partnering with a moving company, visit our Community Involvement page to tell us about it!

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